Message from the Principal's Desk

The scientific and technological advances in the contemporary world have contributed much in the education sector. The challenges they throw open to the students are dynamic and forceful that they need to be more versatile and competent. Therefore, it becomes essential to encourage them to explore their latent potentialities to meet the demand of the present world. Their exposure, in fact, becomes milestone for them to shape their identity necessary enough in the globalized context for their scholarly growth. In this regard, the cultivation of their innate capacity to translate the learnt behavior into real practice holds tremendous importance. The more constructive and fertile they appear to be the greater opportunities they grab. It would pave a path for them to make themselves academically sound students. Obviously, the publication of “MUHAR” the school annual magazine would help erect a foundation to cater the envisioned goal. The students get chance to boost up the creative faculty of their mind. I hope this magazine has really proved to be the treasure of knowledge for the budding students to get ample amusement. Moreover, the publication of this magazine, I believe, would be an inspiring icon for other students to express themselves in the days to come.
Virtually, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the editorial board, the students, the teachers and the whole school family who have directly or indirectly devoted their valuable time to complete this painstaking task to take a real shape.

Rajendra Thapaliya