Activities at Lyceum Model School

The Lyceum Team will help you reach your full potential in the English Language, other academic fields and support you in all aspects of your life as a Lyceum student.
A broad education cannot be confined within the walls of a classroom. Our excellence in academic study is complemented by an extensive range of innovative sessions and extra curricular activities in order to involve students and channelize their energy and enterprise.
 Hobby Classes  
To the positive mindset created by the academic curriculum and sports, an added boost is provided through fun-filled hobby classes. All students are encouraged to pursue and develop their hidden talents. Students have vast panorama to choose from classical dance, vocal music, painting, drawing, drama, arts and crafts, etc.
 Excursion and Field Trips  
Excursion and field trips to places of historical importance, cultural richness and religious significance are organized every year. Materials created during these trips are shared and demonstrated in the form of presentation by the students.
 The Science Club  
Lyceum provides year round opportunities for students to explore science. Every month, students participate in an activity, project or volunteer activity, related to science. At the end of each year, a Science Exhibition is held where students exhibit their imagination at their best.