About Lyceum Model School

 Introducing Lyceum  
Lyceum Model School was established in 2051 B.S ( 1994 A.D ). Committed to providing education relative to time, Lyceum has been updating itself in all respects. Since 2051 it has been enriching the lives of its students and community through dedication to the principles of discipline, service and education. Lyceum has been making its utmost effort to inject new values and norms into its overall planning. Hence, the school aims to provide the direction, counsel, and support that each student needs to reach his/her full potentials.
The precepts of respect, responsibility, persistence and fairness are instilled in our students as part of their education in order to create a structured and nurturing environment for their further mental development. Adaptation of these principles further prepares them to become good citizens, co-workers and neighbours in future.
To be of service means to think of others first and share talents. At Lyceum, we believe teaching our children to practice service is just as important as preparing them to excel in their studies. During their time at school, students are given opportunities to participate in different social programmes so that their selfless efforts bring them innumerable rewards.
Lyceum students participate in a challenging preparatory curriculum, from pre-school to grade ten, with ample opportunities for individual attention and personal growth. The curriculum at Lyceum is designed to support a developmental student-centered approach, where teaching for understanding is coupled with a stimulating and varied curriculum. Frequent positive and constructive feedback to students characterizes our learning environment. This is an essential ingredient for our programme that seeks to nurture in every student a love for learning, a strong sense of self-esteem, personal integrity, and a respectful caring attitude towards others. In this environment, we provide students educational programmes to teach them not just to pass regular exams, but also to solve definite practical problems. We believe each of our students is a unique individual with equal potential to make a positive contribution to our school and society. We also believe, in the furtherance of our children’s career, changes in educational system are universal in the current scientific and technological resolution. Today’s school children will be the specialists of tomorrow, in a new technological world. Their qualification, their civic position and responsibility will certainly largely determine the scope and the rate of scientific and technological progress. So we are working in this field in a different schemed environment in a different way for the further promotion of its educational system and students as well.